Sweets Themed iPhone 5c Phone Case 
You can order your own custom case at www.miaouchaton.etsy.com 
New 3DS case available at www.miaouchaton.etsy.com 

 *please don’t remove the caption*
Custom phone case for a lovely customer ❤️ 

*please don’t remove the caption*
I decided to try and make animal donuts and they came out really good for a first try! (: still gotta practice making them though before I make them into jewelry. Definitely making bigger ones for decoden pieces as well for cases. :D
Waffle rings available at www.miaouchaton.etsy.com
Tons of changes to the blog!! Added a lot of information about the store! Isn’t it cute!! ❤️
yummy donuts 😋
New store logo for Miaou Chaton!